The Ready Made Flounce

This is the fourth article of the School for Housewives 1904 series published on Jan 24, 1904, and is a very short column on flounces – aka ruffles for the use of trimming garments.

School for Housewives – The Ready Made Flounce

Devices to be Found in the Shops Which Will Simplify Woman’s Lingerie Making

Several novelties found in the shops at present greatly simplify the work of making one’s lingerie by hand.

Many of us, despite the variety shown on drop goods counters, sill prefer the pattern-made article, and any woman who does this dainty work is interested in time-saving devices connected with it.

One of these devices is the ready-made flounces of embroidery or insertion.

These ruffles come in a single piece, all ready to be attached to the new petticoat without further elaboration.

It will be seen from the shape of the flounce illustrated today that a gored skirt is the style for which the frill is intended.

The cheapest of these flounces costs in the neighborhood of $3.

They increase in elaboration, and consequently in peace, from this one onwards, the most expensive patterns bringing $6.

The ready-made corset cover is another innovation, and much more charming than the name would lead you to expect.

This is a new material sold by the yard, which requires nothing more than ribbons to become a full-fledged cache corset.

A yard and a quarter is usually to be advised for a single article.

The beading finish around the bottom rounds off the lower edge of the garment very daintily.

Ribbon is run through the embroidery around the top, and ribbon with knots and bows forms the shoulder straps.

The goods for this lingerie ranges from 50 to 60 cents a yard. That selling at 60 cents is quite elaborate.

Counting in the ribbon, a charming cover made on this plan need not cost more than $1 to $1.25.

Marion Harland

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