New “Findings” for the Woman Who Sews

Following up the previous article is another one on the topic of sewing although in this case the focus is on a handful of sewing tips. This is the second article of the School for Housewives 1904 series published on Jan 10, 1904.

While this article is shorter than the previous one it does bring to mind the number of daily hardships women would have had to face such as sewing or pining ‘shields’ in blouses so that the main article of clothing could be protected from sweat and dirt.

School for Housewives – New “Findings” for the Woman Who Sews

The one to whom the family mending falls is perennially interested in new “findings” appertaining to this branch of her work.

There are little devices constantly appearing, any one of which may mean a saving of weary minutes over the workbasket.

The most expert shopper on the staff of the Woman’s Supplement recently made a little tour of inspection among the “motion counters” of the large shops with these findings in view.

She discovered a number of innovations in this line which had usefulness as well as novelty to recommend them. One of these was a very flexible skirt braid designed especially for the pliant materials used for this winter’s costumes. It is mercerized, making available for silk and the various silky fabrics in present use.

A new spooler, of which an illustration is give, keeps the different bobbins in full view and makes shifting them on and off a much easier matter.

The safety-pin shield released us some time since from the daily labor of sewing fresh shields into our blouses. But the ordinary safety used for this purpose had its drawbacks. It would not lie flat, and it was apt to make a disagreeable little lump under the arm. Now the inventor has come to our aid with a clasp intended to remedy this particular deficiency. It lies flat and creates no bulkiness whatever.

The skeleton collar material now sold by the yard is an immense help to the woman who is obliged to make her own blouses. Anyone who knows the difficulty of cutting and shaping the buckram foundation and covering this with silk for a collar on the old lines will appreciate the convenience and time saving of the new collaring.

Marion Harland

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