Pretty Rooms For the Cottage Home

This is the second article in February of the School for Housewives 1904 series published on Feb 14, 1904, and follows the previous article on cottages.

School for Housewives – Pretty Rooms For the Cottage Home

The illustrations suggest a baker’s half-dozen of charming plans for the cottage home.

The little dining room shown is in Flemish or weathered oak, with wallpaper in pale buff shade.

The wall has also a deep wainscoting of carbon paper or burlap in dull green and the carpet or rugs covering the floor tone in with the general effect. Either dull green or leaf brown would make a desirable choice.

One of the bedrooms is very fresh and dainty, although exceedingly inexpensive. The furniture, which is suggestive of one of the French periods, is enameled in white. Wallpaper, carpeting, etc., are in pink, and flowered muslin draperies round out the scheme.

Everything about the living room pictured suggests the fact that it is intended for use and comfort. The sturdy chair supply is supplemented by oaken seats radiating outward from one of the corners of the room. Cushions undressed leather, the new art lamp and other minor furnishings are all selected in accordance with the fundamental colors of the scheme.

Another one of the bedrooms is distinguished by several attractive features. The high shelf encircling a portion of the room is one of these, the odd little chest of drawers another.

The broad sunny window in the hall makes this little apartment unusually bright and cheery.

A hall so furnished can take the place of a reception room or parlor for entertaining guests.

The study is that of the worker, not the dilettante. A simple and artistic desk, a few good pictures and accessible bookcases comprise its outfit.

The ideal library is, more than half of it, composed of nooks formed by bookcases of every rank and degree, pictures and other interesting art objects.

Marion Harland

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