Kitchen Garden Play for Little Housekeepers

This is the second article in March of the School for Housewives 1904 series published on Mar 13, 1904, and is a short article on teaching children house.

School for Housewives – Kitchen Garden Play for Little Housekeepers

That phlegmatic personage of French fiction who “lived on good soup and not on fine language” becomes strongly sympathy to us around meal time.

Cooks are a factor in civilization. We can’t get along without them, and the importance of this branch of a girl’s education can hardly be overestimated.

One reason or the sorry fact that so many of our girls are poor cooks or no cooks at all, is the deferring of this important study until so late a period of life. In the large portion of American families it is not until the song woman is engaged, or even married, that she thinks it worth while to know a kettle from a skillet. Other homely housekeeping knowledge is equally neglected.

In reality, “the littlest girl” of the family is old enough to begin mastering the rudiments of this great science.

One ideal method for beginning the housekeeping lessons is known as the “kitchen kindergarten,” in which the most important details are presented in the guise of play.

The little ones are taught to build fires scientifically in doll’s stove; to lay covers correctly upon the dollhouse table with dollhouse china; to sweep with toy brooms and carpet cleaners.

Every mother who has difficulty in interesting her little daughters in these matters should invest in a book explaining the kitchen garden system and familiarizer herself with its plan.

Marion Harland

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