An Automobile Luncheon

This is the first article in April of the School for Housewives 1903 series published on Apr 5, 1903, and is a short article on a simple lunch for traveling by car.

School for Housewives – An Automobile Luncheon

A good, simple little luncheon for the automobile trip or any little jaunt, which may be carried in one of the invaluable tea baskets, consists of

Olive sandwiches,
Deviled eggs,
Grandmother’s gingerbread,
Ginger ale and tea.

With the care which a tasty housekeeper bestows upon her sandwiches and dainties, this may be made very tempting.

The eggs are hard-boiled and cut in half. The yellow is then removed and mixed to a smooth paste, with salt, pepper, mustard, celery salt and a little minced ham. The eggs are refilled with this and tied in place with a baby ribbon.

The bread should, of course, be very fresh. After slicing then it is cut out with a sandwich cutter and left flat or rolled and tied with a ribbon. The slices are buttered and filled with chopped olives mixed with a little mayonnaise. Sandwiches should not be left in the air a minute, but should be wrapped immediately in waxed paper.

The grandmother’s gingerbread is a good sort of cake to take on such a trip, as something that will not get the hands sticky or crumbly easy will be found the most desirable. Trouble will be saved by slicing the bread before packing in the box. Like the sandwiches, it should be wrapped in waxed paper.

Grapes are also nice for a picnic lunch, as they will not cause much of a cleaning up. Some little wafers and a couple of bottles of ginger ale will fill up the chinks beside the tea kettle.

Marion Harland

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