Pattern for Table Centre in Irish Lace

This is the first article in May of the School for Housewives 1904 series published on May 1, 1904, and a short article on some pretty patterns of lace.

School for Housewives – Pattern for Table Centre in Irish Lace

The attractive form of Irish lace represented in the pattern is rarely used for table linen.

We are more accustomed to point de Venise in our choicer cloths and Renaissance or Mexican drawn work for the less pretentious ones.

Nevertheless, lovely and distinctive covers can be carried out in the “Irelande” patterns, which are more desirable for the purpose than ordinary Renaissance, quicker and easier than the “Venise.”

The pattern given today is a good example of their possibilities.

It will be seen from the little photograph included in the illustration that the design printed is one-fourth of the entire cloth; the other three corners being exactly identical.

Marion Harland


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