Keeping House by Electricity

This is the second article in May of the School for Housewives 1904 series published on May 8, 1904, and is a short article on electric lighting.

School for Housewives – Keeping House by Electricity

Many Old-Time Drudgeries Abolished and New Pleasures given by the Use of the Current

The electric current is now being harnessed in a dozen and one little ways to do the work of the modern housekeeper and her bidding.

The ceaseless treadmill of the sewing machine is done away with. A little motor getting its power from the ordinary lighting circuit does the work without labor and much more evenly. The speed can be regulated by means of a small lever. Any comfortable position can be assumed and an invalid can safely operate the machine.

The electric flatiron is particularly good for people occupying boarding houses or flats.

This iron heats up in a few minutes and can be kept at even temperature as long as the attachment is connected with the electrical circuit.

Electric curling irons working automatically are found in many progressive hotels. The popularity of this apparatus lies in the fact that no soot occurs, as is the case in heating with gas.

The electric chafing-dish is really a small stove which can be regulated so as to give the desired intensity of heat.

It can be carried in the overcoat pocket, and in a train, hotel or wherever electricity is available it can be set up and used for preparing coffee, tea, welsh rabbit and other viands.

None of these require more than the expenditure of three-quarters of an hour to operate. The greatest advantages of electricity are absolute cleanliness and safety.

Marion Harland


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